The purpose of Responder III is to take what was learned in Responder I or Responder II and go even deeper into Tactical Medical Care (TacMed). There is a greater focus on the Mindset of the immediate responder, the Methodology of care under fire, and the Medicine of bleeding control, shock prevention, and casualty evacuation. This is accomplished through not only class instruction but also simulated, and force on force, high stress scenarios. You will learn practical application of civilian interior defensive tactics when responding to an active shooter, victim injury assessment, alternative wound dressing techniques, how to physically evacuate casualties in a safe manner, and more.

This is a highly active and energized class; participants should not only have already taken Responder I or II but be able to move unassisted and be capable of lifting a reasonable amount of weight. This class is scenario driven and instructors may trigger physiological responses with the use of external stressors.

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